Gazpiche – Chef’s Pencil

This creative dish presented by Chef Alejandra Espinoza combines a traditional Spanish gazpacho with classic Ecuadorian ceviche, which typically has a red, tomato-based broth. We’ve substituted smoked watermelon for the tomato, but have kept the umami components of the gazpacho to make what we think is one of our most creative dishes. Enjoy! Gazpiche Prep … Read more

Duck Choila Recipe by Chef Binod Baral

Share Choila is one of the most popular foods served on the streets of Nepal. It is especially popular in the capital city of Kathmandu and Palpa. Choila can be prepared with chicken, duck, mutton, or lamb. Vegans can enjoy a delicious choila prepared with jackfruit. This Nepalese dish is popular among home cooks and … Read more

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Salmon Recipe

Share Lomi-lomi massage. This dish features chunky salmon, sweet onions, and diced tomatoes. It is salted and garnished with green onions and fresh lime juice. It is mixed by hand and served with poi. Minutes to Prepare: 30 Minutes to Cook: 5 Number of Servings: 10 How to Make Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Salmon: Wash the salmon, rub … Read more

Traditional Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes and Lingonberries Recipe

Share Ikea has put Swedish meatballs on the world map and has turned this relatively unpretentious  dish into a culinary sensation. In Sweden, everyone has their own favourite meatballs recipe and many celebrity chefs serve their own versions in their restaurants. Most people will say that their mum’s recipe is the best of course! With … Read more

Tinolang Manok (Chicken Tinola) Recipe

Share Tinolang manok has been and will always be one of the most favorite foods of Filipinos. No matter where they are in this world, Filipinos will always crave and cook this delicious chicken tinola. Pretty much like the chicken soup our moms used to make with an Asian twist due to the ginger. Each … Read more