What is the difference between Big Data and Hadoop

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Big Data Hadoop Training


When people use this term Big Data Hadoop, most people will say Big Data and Hadoop are the same. But let me surprise you, these two terms are totally different. Now you must be scratching your head and thinking, then why most of the people use these two terms together and how they are interlinked to each other? If you are eager to know what is big data and Hadoop then you need to stick around till the end of the article. In this article, you will learn about Big Data and Hadoop, how they are used and, get a detailed insight on this subject.


What is Big Data?

As the name suggests you might have got an idea that big data is a tremendous amount of data. Now every business and every industry generate a huge amount of data but, all this data cannot be tagged under Big Data. As you all know that social media is helping you to connect to the world. You can share your memories and pictures with millions of people at just one touch. But do you know this is generating tons of data at the back end? This data amounts to more than 100 terabytes a day. Now imagine processing this data can become such a serious task.

This Big Data term emerged with the use of social media. People did not know about Big Data back then. Before Big Data came into picture people could not imagine the size of data so huge. Big Data has completely transformed the way people used to look at data. There are basically two types of data

  • Structured Data: This data is filtered and sorted out correctly so it can be easily searched and processed on demand. This means every file type and data type is stored in proper format and proper tables.
  • Unstructured Data: This is also known as raw data which is mixed data. This data cannot be easily searched and processed as it is in an unstructured way. This means that the data needs to be sorted.
  • Semi-Structured Data: This is a form of structured data that does not obey the formal structure of data models with a relational database. The best example of semi-structured data is .xml files or .csv files. These files generally store data log data from the database.

Big Data is mostly raw unstructured data that cannot be easily analyzed. The job role of a Big Data Analyst is to make sure that this unstructured data is filtered properly so it can be processed and analyzed for business decisions. To get enabled to work with such a large amount of data you need to learn big data.


 What is Hadoop?

Now as we understood what Big Data is all about, let dive into Hadoop. It is an open-source software framework built to store and process this Big Data. As this data is huge, you need to have a very powerful system to process data in minutes. This Hadoop platform is robust and has enormous power to process limitless jobs. Hadoop was developed by Apache Software Foundation in 2008. The name Hadoop was taken from a toy elephant of the owner's son. This toy elephant was named as Hadoop.  Let’s now look at the importance of Hadoop.

  1. Ability to store and process huge amounts of data fast: As data is increasing day by day, so is the storage and processing capacity is increasing. Hadoop has this unique ability.
  2. High computing power: This is a powerful system as it processes huge data in a matter of minutes.
  3. Fault tolerance: The data and application stored on the hardware are protected from hardware failure. In case your hardware fails the task is redirected to other nodes so there is no data loss.
  4. Flexibility: In Hadoop, you don’t need to store data only after processing it. You can store the data easily before it is processed. The traditional database system requires data to be processed in order to store it. You can store large data and decide later on how to use and process it.
  5. Low cost: The open-source framework which is totally free and uses commodity hardware to store data.
  6. Scalability: You can easily grow your system to handle more data by adding nodes that help you in scalability.


How Hadoop is used for processing Big Data:

As we all know, social media is generating tons of data each day. Every single day people use social media and post content they love. At the back-end, there is enormous data generated. This data cannot be easily managed by a traditional database system. The main cause of this is that the traditional database system requires data to be processed and normalized to remove redundant data as raw data cannot be directly stored in a traditional database system. To manage this huge raw and unprocessed data we need a powerful system. This powerful system is known as Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is a framework that functions on nodes. These nodes work together to store and process this big data. There are various components to the Hadoop system, they are mentioned below:

  1. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): This is a distributed file system which distributes file across storage nodes known as Data nodes in a cluster.
  2. MapReduce: It is a programming model and software framework based on Java. To code in MapReduce, you should be familiar with Java programming. You can easily learn Java programming from Java training institute in Pune


Growing importance for a career in Big Data Hadoop:

As social media is growing it is also generating a whole lot of data each day. Big Data Hadoop is one of the trends in the field of IT. Students and working professionals both are looking forward to building a bright career in the field of Big Data Hadoop. It is very easy to build a career in the field of Big Data Hadoop. In order to build a career in the field of Big Data and Hadoop, you need to learn Hadoop by enrolling in big data analytics training. If you are passionate about data and want to build a career, then Big Data Hadoop is the best career field for you. Building a great career in the field of Big Data Hadoop requires the best training and right placement to use your skills.


Prerequisites to learn Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop can be learned by any person who has a liking towards data and knows basic programming and coding. The prerequisites to learn Big Data Hadoop are mentioned below:

  1. You need to know the basics of coding and how coding works like Java programming. If you don’t know about Java programming you can undergo core java training.
  2. You need to know the Linux operating system.
  3. If you know Python programming it can be an added benefit for you. Big Data usually uses python programming as a data science tool. Most of the big data Hadoop students undergo python training if they are interested in Data Science.


Institutes which provide Big Data Hadoop training:

ExlTech is one of the best Big Data Hadoop training institutes in Pune. We are one of the top training and placement institutes. Our main aim is to provide our students with the best knowledge and help them with placement in top MNC’s. We have placed most of the students successfully after course completion. The course aims to provide you with the best training and placement guarantee. You get unlimited interview calls until your placement is confirmed. Also, you get customized and advanced training as per the industrial requirements. To gain accurate knowledge about the subject and get the hands-on experience we provide you with live projects. To enable you to crack the tough round of interview we provide soft skills, group discussion, aptitude and interview skills. To know more about our Big Data Hadoop course feel free to visit our official website www.exltech.in or call us +91-9607905150

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