8 Important Skills a Data Analyst Should Possess

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Big Data Hadoop Data Science Skills


Data science is the field that concentrates on the precise study of data. It involves developing methods to record, store, and analyze data effectively to help the management take important decisions. As we all know this is the hottest and most demanded skill in the IT industry, most of the students are now steering towards data science by enrolling for a data science course. As you have landed on this blog it shows that you are a fresher and considering starting a career into data science. When you are a fresher you are mostly offered a data analyst role. Data Analyst is one of the top skill sets a student can pursue in order to build a good career.



The skill required by Data Analyst:

The top 8 important skills required by every data scientist are mentioned below. Make sure you grab all the skills required in order to build a successful career as a data analyst:

1. Data Cleansing and Preparation:

Data cleansing is one of the most important skill sets required by any data analyst. You should know how to clean the data and prepare it for processing. Usually, data is achieved from multiple sources. The main job of a data analyst is to categorize this data and distribute it accordingly. In data cleansing, the data analyst should also know how to handle missing or inconsistent data that can affect the data analysis. The data science course will provide you the knowledge of data cleansing and preparation.


2. Statistical knowledge:

As a professional data analyst, you need to possess statistical knowledge. If you have a strong foundation of probability and statistics then you can build a great career as a data analyst. This skill helps you to make sure that your analysis is valid and will also help you avoid common issues and logical errors. Now you must be thinking about what level of statistical knowledge is required to work as a data analyst. This totally depends on your job role and what kind of data you work on. If you enroll for a data science course you would know how to statistically work with data.


3. Python coding:

Python is important when it comes to data science. Learning this powerful programming language can play a major role in the advancement of your career. Python is used by the data analysts to search through a huge amount of data. Because of its adaptability, we can use Python for almost all the steps involved in data science processes. Python is said to be the backbone for data science and learning it can be an added advantage for every data analyst. Python allows you to create CSV (Comma-Separated Values) output for easy data reading in a spreadsheet. Our data science course covers complete detailed knowledge about Python programming which is covered in a python course. Python offers python scientific packages used for data visualization, complex data analysis, and machine learning.


4. Problem Solving:

Data analysts after enrolling for our data science course get trained as master problem solvers. When you work with a huge amount of data you will encounter problems, bugs and other issues every day. The person who solves this problem can handle the data easily. I believe a data analyst should be able to easily solve all these issues. If there are any constraints then he should approach it in an easy way and find solutions to problems. If you solve problems and find out a way of the problem and you can prove to be an asset to the organization.


5. SQL database coding:

As a data analyst, you must be familiar with SQL database coding. SQL is one of the basic and most used query languages when it comes to database queries. Knowing SQL query language enables the data analyst to easily communicate with the database. In our data science course, we introduce you to the SQL database query language.


6. Knowledge of Hadoop platform:

Knowledge of the Hadoop platform can act as a driving force in your career advancement. Hadoop is used mostly for the processing of Big data. If you get a job in an organization that uses big data Hadoop then it can be helpful for you to have knowledge of Big Data Hadoop. As per a study, it is said that Hadoop is the second most important skill required by the data analysts. Data science plays an important role in the case of big data Hadoop, the reason being unstructured data. If you generate huge unstructured data it cannot be stored on a traditional database system as you need to first process the data and then store it. Processing such huge data is a headache so we need a system that will store this huge unstructured data. This is where Hadoop comes into the picture as it does not require the processing of data before storing it. You can easily learn big data Hadoop by enrolling in big data analytics coursesThis will help you gain a job as a data analyst.


7. Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning is now gaining huge demand in the IT industry. If you know machine learning and AI then you have a great chance to get a job as a data analyst. You need to learn machine learning as it is the required skill for a data analyst. Machine learning helps to know what the user likes and determines which content would be helpful for him. As a data analyst, your job is to analyze the data and store it accordingly so the system can fetch it when needed. As data science involves working with numerous data sets you need to consider learning AI and machine learning. Most of you must not be masters in these two skills so you can easily learn it by enrolling for an artificial intelligence course and machine learning course. At ExlTech we understand the pain point of learning different courses to gain knowledge so we provide a package in our data science course so you can learn machine learning and AI very easily.


8. Deal with unstructured data:

The deal with being a data analyst is you need to work with a lot of unstructured data. Working with unstructured data is difficult as you do not have an idea as to where this data is linking. Unstructured data is stored in such a way that processing it is a tedious task. As a data analyst or data scientist, your role is to make sure you work with unstructured data and process it. If you have the skill and know-how to work with unstructured data you can grow in this career.  We ensure that our students get hands-on working knowledge through live projects when they enroll for a data science course.


Why choose ExlTech for Data Science course:

When you choose to enroll for a data science course from ExlTech you get the leverage of knowing the top skills required by every data scientist or data analyst. We provide the best data science training which ensures you get the best knowledge and also get to know how a data analyst works in the organization. Enroll with us and get a 100% job guarantee and unlimited interview calls until the placement is confirmed. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog.

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