Top 4 Myths about Career in Java Programming

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Hello, future Java developer! Don’t get surprised. I hope the reason why you came across this blog post is that you are thinking to start a career in Java programming. Keep your mind open as today I am going to reveal the top 4 myths that you might have come across while choosing Java programming as your career.

Also, I am going to explain the importance of enrolling for Java courses in Pune. If you stick to the end of this post you will get to know how students have successfully built their career into Java programming easily with the help of Java training institute in Pune


What is Java Programming?

Before you go on a joy ride to build your career into Java programming, you must know what is Java programming exactly? If you know it’s well and good, but if you don’t it’s perfectly fine.

Java is a programming language easy to implement and easy to learn. It is based on the Object-Oriented Programming Concept (OOPS). This basically means that Java programming uses an object-oriented approach. This object-oriented approach helps programmers to store objects separately and use them later on in the coding just by calling that object. The benefit of this is you can code easily and call the object multiple times without repeating the code which saves execution time. Also, it helps in implementing a clean code.

Java programming provides excellent features which makes it the best language. Java programming is used universally. As it is used universally so career in Java programming is said to be a promising career. Students who are fresh graduates can consider choosing Java programming as it is the base for other programming languages.


Top 4 Myths in Java Career:

Now, when you decided to choose Java programming as a career, you must have consulted your friends and family about being a Java developer. I am sure you must be bombarded with a few facts which are myths about Java programming. Today I am going to decode the top 4 myths in Java career.


Myth #1: Java programming is outdated:

It is most of the time misunderstood by people that Java programming is totally outdated and the organizations do not hire people with Java programming. This is one of the top myths which is stopping students who are fresh graduates to pursue Java programming as their career. Java programming is not outdated and is used in most of the organizations.

In fact, most of the programming languages present today are using Java programming as a base. Students are directly jumping to learn other programming languages without learning Java. This makes their base weak and you can imagine the consequences of a weak base.

So it is recommended to learn Java programming first before you learn any other programming language. You can enroll for a java programming course to learn Java easily and efficiently.


Myth #2: There is no demand for Java professionals:

I am sure you must have received this statement from your friends who wanted to choose Java as a career profession and failed in it. Now you must be thinking if they couldn’t get a job why should I even waste my time and money to study Java programming as the return on investment would be zero.

But let me tell you, the reason why he could not get a job either he must not be able to crack the interviews, or he might not have the appropriate knowledge, or he must have not enrolled with the best java training institute in Pune.

Choosing the best java institute is very important when your career is at stake. When you get a 100% job guarantee, with interview skills and best-updated knowledge from industry professionals from ExlTech, you should consider enrolling with us. And as we said 100% job guarantee that totally discards the myth that there is no demand for java professionals.


Myth #3: Learn Java at home you don’t need coaching classes:

Most of the students think Java programming is easy and it is not required to invest money in the Java programming course. Yes, you can practice Java at home but you cannot learn Java from the internet. Now you will say there are tons of resources available on the internet then why I need a Java certification course?

The sole reason is that you can get trained from experts who know Java programming to the core. Even if you read the concepts on the internet, it is very difficult for a fresher to grasp those concepts as he is totally unaware of it. Enrolling for Java courses in Pune not only provides you the best training but also provides you a 100% job guarantee. So it’s best to learn Java by undertaking Java courses in Pune.


Myth #4: Core Java is not very important:

Students most of the time students think core java is very basic and needs not to be emphasized. They jump to advance java thinking it is more important. But let me tell you, core java forms the base of java programming. The base is very important to take core java training before you move to the advanced part of Java.

Core Java can is required when you want to learn and master Java. Remember if your core java concepts are clear you won’t have problem learning advance java. Core java covers all the basics of Java straight from theory to coding.


Benefits of Java training from ExlTech:

ExlTech is one of the famous training and placement institute in Pune. We provide training for students who are fresh graduates. Freshers who want to build a bright career into Java can easily enroll with ExlTech. The reason why you need to enroll with ExlTech is the benefits that we offer.

  1. Best in class training: We provide the best in class training in ExlTech. Our faculty are industry experts who are specialized in that particular subject.
  2. Interview skills: We also cover interview skills, soft-skills, and aptitude. These skills are very important when you want to crack an interview. A person who does not possess these skills he won’t get a job no matter even if he is technically sound. At ExlTech we provide the best interview skills which will help you in order to crack the interviews.
  3. Unlimited Interview calls: We understand that placement calls are needed until you sharpen your interview skills. So we provide unlimited interview calls so you can attend interviews till your placement is confirmed.
  4. Personality development: We do not place you in the market as freshers but place you as a professional. So we ensure your complete personality development so you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.
  5. Guidance by HR: When you get guidance from the right people you are ready to tackle any challenge. So we provide guidance from HR department so you can be prepared for your next HR round of interview.


Guarantee of ExlTech:

When it comes to a job guarantee, we at ExlTech provide 100% placement guarantee. We ensure that the student gets placed in the best MNC or MLC. We believe in our placements and also our students. Our goal is to make sure the student who gets trained from us is placed in the top organization so they can get their value for money invested. Also, there are tons of students who are placed after taking training from ExlTech.

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