Workshop on Brand management

The motivation behind the Brand Management Workshop is to give you a principal comprehension of how to fabricate, measure, and deal with a brand. As items, estimating and circulation progressively move toward becoming wares, the new aggressive field is mark esteem, which makes long haul gainful brand connections. Building brand value includes overseeing brands inside the setting of different brands, and in addition overseeing brands over various classes, after some time, and over numerous market portions.

Topics Covered in our Workshop :

Session 1
  • In this introductory class session, we’ll discuss what branding is (and what it isn’t), do a historical overview, talk about the increasing importance and relevance of branding, and analyze the structure of typical branding agencies. Lastly
Session 2
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand communication
  • Corporate Branding
  • Personal Branding
  • Quiz - Brand Recognition
  • Quiz Game - Basic Brand Dumb Charades
Session 3
  • Logos & Name : Logos and naming are the two most basic elements of any brand, and we will discuss them at length in this session. We'll end the session with a name-creation contest using morphemes and an opportunity to do some real-world naming.
  • Packaging and Color Theory : The interrelated subjects of packaging and color theory will be the focus of this session.
  • Brand Essence & Brand Positioning : We'll discuss brand essence and how it relates to brand positioning (functional benefits) and brand personality (emotional benefits).
  • Emotional Branding, and Nostalgia's role in branding
Session 4
  • Exercise on all the above topics covered by different Groups of Session III
Session 6
  • Exercise on all the above topics covered by different Groups of Session III
Session 5 : Brand Loyalty & following
  • The challenge of creating taglines
  • Brand Reengineering
  • Brand Evolving
  • Brand Evolving into Multiple Products ( UMBRELLA BRAND)
  • Brand Extensions and Co-Branding
Session 7
  • Branding and Advertising ( hand and glow), different Campaigns
  • Different media of reaching consumers
  • Different Advertise
  • ATL
  • BTL
  • Word of mouth
Session 9
  • Conclusion & Quiz
Session 8 : Online Advertise –Online Branding
  • Different campaigns- mediums
  • Web 2.0 advent –Branding
  • Advent of Consumer Centric Branding ( social Media Intro)

Building an online brand is no different than in the brick-and-mortar world.

NOTE : This session will cover the challenges unique to those in the business of online branding, and attempt to demystify the sometimes counterintuitive methods of building successful online brands.

Eligibility Criteria :

As we are conducting a very basic level workshop so no specific criteria is defined anyone willing to do career in animation or having interest in the same are welcomed for the Workshop

Duration :

Workshop duration will be two back to back days with eight hour session each day. Each day is divided in proper theory and hands on practical session.

We Are Arranging Customized Corporate Training Programs Hence All Our Workshops Are Conducted As Per The Client Requirement. Most Of Corporate Training Workshops Are Conducted On Weekends.

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