Workshop on IOT


A basic meaning of IOT is it ties physical objects together via internet. The examples are the automatic communication between mobile devices, a Wi Fi, automatic computing software programs etc.

Role of IOT in Real Life

It allows embedding intelligence to give smarter response. Because of IOT the ordinary devices can communicate with each other without human interaction. The applications based on IOT are also referred as Machine to Machine or M2M it is becoming very popular term in various fields. If we come across the market report of the last few decades the value of IOT is expanding rapidly and the expansion will continue.

ExlTech delivers you everything regarding to IOT the basic concepts to day today application use which will help you learn how to deal with the parts of IOT such as sensors, RFID, smart phones etc.


There are many examples of IOT that we are using in our daily routine such as Hospitals and Healthcares, Shopping Malls, Washing Machines, Manufacturing Industry etc. If one is willing to do business in wireless technologies it’s very important for him to stay updated with IOT technology changes our workshop will definitely advantageous to them to learn and stay updated with the technology.

About the Workshop

ExlTech organizes workshops with perfect blend theory and practical to deliver best knowledge in the technology. This workshop is conducted by highly qualified and experienced industry experts. They have deep understanding of the subject and are committed to deliver their best to the students.

Workshop Highlights
  • What is "IOT" and how it relates to cloud computing concepts
  • How open platforms allow you to store your sensor data in the cloud
  • The basic usage of the Arduino environment for creating your own embedded projects at very low cost.
  • Learn how to connect your Ardunio with your Android phone
  • Learn to send data to the internet and talk to the cloud
  • Learn to update sensor readings on twitter and social Networking Sites
  • Control a Relay Switch by texting from your phone
Eligibility Criteria :

As we are conducting a very basic level workshop so no specific criteria is defined anyone willing to do career in animation or having interest in the same are welcomed for the Workshop

Duration :

Workshop duration will be two back to back days with eight hour session each day. Each day is divided in proper theory and hands on practical session.

We Are Arranging Customized Corporate Training Programs Hence All Our Workshops Are Conducted As Per The Client Requirement. Most Of Corporate Training Workshops Are Conducted On Weekends.

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